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    Public and Urban Policy PhD
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  • Recent Dissertations

    Previous dissertation titles provide a sense of the diversity of the projects completed by doctoral students in Public and Urban Policy PhD program.

    Dr. Noah Allison, May 2021
    Dissertation Title: Immigrant Foodways: Restaurants, Street Food, and Ethnic Diversity in Queens, New York

    Dr. Ofronama Biu, May 2021
    Dissertation Title: Black Women, Black Men, and Occupational Crowding: An Analysis of Vulnerable Arrangements and Employer-sponsored Benefits

    Dr. Maria Carrizosa, May 2021
    Dissertation Title: Working Homes: Space-use intensity and urban informality in Bogota

    Dr. David Lopez Garcia, May 2021
    Dissertation Title: Interactions Between Economic Development, Housing, and Transport Policies and the Mobility Experience of Workers in Greater Mexico City

    Dr. Cristina Handal Gonzalez, May 2021
    Dissertation Title: Barrios mas Seguros and the Intersections of Design and Policy: The Case of Collective Urban Gating in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

    Dr. Beryl Adongo Oranga, May 2021
    Dissertation Title: The Role of Urbanization in African Human Development — A Cautionary Tale

    Dr. Conrad Walker, May 2021
    Dissertation Title: Rendering Housing Justice: How a Community Land Trust Facilitates Positive Decision-Making in a Pro-Growth City

    Dr. Lena Anna Margarete Simet, May 2020
    Dissertation Title: Intra-Urban Inequality in Argentina: Trends, Drivers, and Manifestation of Inequality in Argentinian Cities (1996-2018)

    Dr. Anze Zadel, May 2020
    Dissertation Title: The Design of Community Participation: Decision-making and Control over Resource Provision in New York City and Lagos

    Dr. Rachel Marie Brooks-Atkins, December 2019
    Dissertation Title: Black Entrepreneurship and the Business Cycle: Firm Entry and Outcomes During Economic Downturn and Expansion

    Dr. Andrea Marpillero-Colomina, December 2019
    Dissertation Title: Right of Way: Hasidim Vs. Hipsters In the Space of a Brooklyn Street

    Dr. Muhammad Amir Ansari, May 2019
    Dissertation Title: A Mixed-Methods Approach to Examining Decentralization and Public Service Outcomes in Pakistan
    Dr. Vanessa Léon, May 2019
    Dissertation Title: Decentralization and Development in the World's First Black Republic

    Dr. Mammotsa Makhene, May 2019
    Dissertation Title: The Role of Curriculum Content in College Diversity Courses: A New York College Case Study

    Dr. Sara Shroff, May 2019 
    Dissertation Title: Valuefacturing Life: Capital Encounters and Trans/Feminist Becomings in Pakistan and Beyond

    Dr. Elizabeth Claire Levi, December 2018 (awarded posthumously)
    Dissertation Title: Helping, Holding Steady, or Harming? A Critical Assessment of the Impact of North American Jewish Cross-Border Philanthropy on Arabs in Israel’s Ethnic Democracy

    Dr.  Achilles Kallergis, August 2018

    Dissertation Title: Addressing the Need for Local Data: A Systematic Low-Cost Way for Monitoring Living Conditions in Informal Settlements

    Dr. Rebecca Hollender, May 2018

    Dissertation Title: Post-Growth in Practice: The Realities of Public Policy and Community Initiatives in Ecuador

    Dr. Claude Joseph, May 2018

    Dissertation Title: Three Essays on Foreign Aid, Institutions, and Development

    Dr. Calvin T. Brown, January 2018

    Dissertation Title: The Neighborhood Effect of Poverty Over Time: Identifying Poverty Thresholds Where Neighborhood Conditions Change

    Dr. Pooya Ghorbani, January 2018

    Dissertation Title: Homeownership After the Great Recession: Essays on “Owner-Ready” Families

    Dr. Zoe Hamstead, May 2016

    Dissertation Title: A spatial-temporal approach for understanding vulnerability and resilience to extreme heat in New York City

    Dr. Ruth Iguiniz-Romero, May 2016

    Dissertation Title: Unpredictable Shifts in Maternal Morality Prevention Policy Agendas, 1990 – 2010: Governance and Civil Society’s Participation in Peru

    Dr. Linda M. Silva Thompson, May 2016

    Dissertation Title: Moving from Rags – to – Riches: Together or Alone? Underground Cooperative Savings: An Ethnography of Workplace Rotating Savings & Credit Associations

    Dr. Johanna Taylor, May 2016

    Dissertation Title: Community of Arts, Community of Justice: Understanding the Social and Political Impact of the Arts in Urban Neighborhoods

    Dr. Toni Castro Cosio, May 2016

    Dissertation Title: Dealing with Uncertainty: Infrastructures for Resilience in Urban Communities

    Dr. Riham Moustafa Hassan Moustafa, May 2016

    Dissertation Title: Evaluating the Institutional Environment for Entrepreneurship: A Cross-National Study on Arab Countries

    Dr. Erwin Vincent DeLeon, May 2016

    Dissertation Title: Gay and Racial/Ethnic Identities, Perceived Discrimination, and Participation in Collective Action

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