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      AlexanderAltonji altoa067@newschool.eduPhDMoral Philosophy, Wittgenstein, Continental Philosophy, Pragmatism, Ancient Philosophy, and Aesthetics.
      LucasBallestín balll650@newschool.eduPhDContinental, Political and Social Philosophy, Political Economy, Psychoanalytic Theory 
      GregoryBartels bartg672@newschool.eduPhD
      PhDAesthetic Modernism in Kant, Hegel and Heidegger 
      MichaelBecker beckm733@newschool.eduPhD
      JonathanBerk berkj758@newschool.eduPhDKant's Critique of Pure Reason, early modern philosophy (specifically, its relation to science) and the history of philosophy
      AaronBerman berma430@newschool.eduPhDSocial Ontology, Marxian Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, Critical Race Theory
      Angelica MariaBlomberg Stathopoulos stata278@newschool.eduPhDPassivity, 20th Century Continental Philosophy, Phenomenology, Ancient Greek Thought, Queer and Feminist Thought 
      PhDMemory and forgetting, Nietzsche, Ancient Greek thought.
      DanielBoscov-Ellen boscd115@newschool.eduPhDPolitical Philosophy, Marxism, Critical Theory, Environmental Philosophy, Environmental Ethics, Political Ecology

      Comparative Global Philosophies, Lacanian Psychoanalysis, Relational Ontology, Queer Theories
      Personal website

      ThomasCantone cantt897@newschool.eduPhDClassical German philosophy (Kant), Early Modern philosophy, Philosophy of Mind (Perception), American Pragmatism, Aesthetics
      TeresaCasas Hernandez casat805@newschool.eduPhDAncient Greek Thought, Performance Philosophy, Continental Philosophy, Theater, Memory, Chance, Mimesis
      CaylaClinkenbeard clinc719@newschool.eduPhD
      CarolynColsant colsac72@newschool.eduPhD
      Carlosde la Puente PhD
      JoelDe Lara delaj238@newschool.eduPhDSocial Epistemology, Ordinary Language Philosophy, Hermeneutics, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Language, History of Philosophy
      AgneseDi Riccio


      German Idealism (esp. Hegel), Critical Theory, Aesthetics 
      PhDearly phenomenology, ancient philosophy, philosophical cosmology, philosophy of space and time
      ZenonFeszcak feszz982@newschool.eduPhDMetaphilosophy, Metaphysics, Epistemology, Skepticism, Systematic Philosophy, First Philosophy, German Idealism, Ancient Greek Philosophy, Eastern Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Logic, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Music
      TimothyFranz frant660@newschool.eduPhD
      JeremyGauger gaugj267@newschool.eduPhD
      KellyGawel gawek006@newschool.eduPhD
      P.J.Gorre gorrp967@newschool.eduPhD

      Continental Philosophy (esp. Phenomenology and Existentialism), History and Philosophy of Science, History of Western Philosophy, Socio-Political Philosophy 
      Personal website

      KatherineGraham grahk796@newschool.eduPhDAsceticism, Nietzsche, history of philosophy, aesthetics
      RyanGustafson gustr718@newschool.eduPhD Deconstruction, phenomenology, psychoanalysis, queer theory
      PhDSocial and Political Philosophy, Critique of Political Economy, Critical Theory, Psychoanalysis, Aesthetics, Political Anthropology
      Personal website
      ThomasHughes hught083@newschool.eduPhDPhilosophy of science and existentialism; my dissertation will center on Ernst Cassirer.
      AnnaKatsman katsa701@newschool.eduPhD
      PhDPhilosophy of history, philosophy of culture, philosophy of science, historiography of philosophy, Plato, Kant, Peirce, Cassirer, Arendt, Gadamer, Wittgenstein
      OlgaKnizhnik knizo336@newschool.eduPhD
      lance582@newschool.eduPhDKant and German idealism; Marx and the critique of capitalism; feminist philosophy
      MithraLehn lehnm460@newschool.eduPhD
      Ho YeonLim limh291@newschool.eduPhDAesthetics, Philosophy of Mind
      RoxanneMagee mager144@newschool.eduPhD
      MariamMatar matam600@newschool.eduPhDGerman Idealism, Hannah Arendt, Feminist Philosophy, Critical Theory, Philosophy of Race
      DionMattison mattd467@newschool.eduPhDAncient (Pre-Socratics through Neoplatonists), Aesthetics, Ethics, Spinoza, Wittgenstein, Phenomenology, Psychoanalysis, Fashion Theory, Christian Mysticism
      PedroGarcia Dotto maurp753@newschool.eduPhDAncient Philosophy (esp. Plato), Philosophy as a Way of Life, Spinoza, Nietzsche, Foucault 
      Lisa MichelleMcKeown mckel697@newschool.eduPhD
      PhD(Early) Modern Philosophy, Continental Philosophy
      AaronNeber nebea360@newschool.eduPhD20th century continental, queer theory, feminist philosophy, political philosophy
      JohnNoras norao317@newschool.eduPhDPhenomenology, Epistemology, Psychology, Husserl
      BenjaminNorris norrb741@newschool.eduPhDModern (Spinoza), German Idealism (Schelling), Contemporary Realism and the Speculative Turn
      Veronica DakotaPadilla padiv453@newschool.eduPhD
      Miguel JosePaley De Greiff palem943@newschool.eduPhDPhenomenology, Metaphysics, Process Philosophy, Philosophy of Biology, Bergson, Levinas, Whitehead, Jonas
      Personal Website
      MatthewPattillo pattm333@newschool.eduPhD
      EvaPerez de Vega pereze@newschool.eduPhDPhilosophy of Mind, Aesthetics, Spinoza, Feminist theory, Ecological thought
      TomasPimenta pimet023@newschool.eduPhDPhilosophy of Liberation, Critical Theory, Decolonial Thought, Political Economy and Political Ecology
      Marianna Poyares PhD Critical Theory, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Political Theory, Feminist Philosophy 
      prica496@newschool.eduPhDAncient Philosophy, Ethics, Logic
      Daniel Richmond richd071@newschool.eduPhD
      PhilipSchauss schap998@newschool.eduPhD

      Aesthetics, Philosophy of language, Poetry, Skepticism, Naturalism
      Personal Website

      EdwardSkipton SkipE507@newschool.eduPhD
      DoraSuarez suard440@newschool.eduPhDAncient Philosophy, Philosophical Anthropology (in particular, Plessner, Jonas, Arendt), Feminist and Queer theory. 
      PhDPhilosophy of Sound and Music, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Perception
      CaecilieVarslev-Pedersen varsc404@newschool.eduPhD19th century philosophy (especially GWF Hegel and Søren Kierkegaard); existentialism, moral anthropology, feminist philosophy.
      DanielWagnon wagnd675@newschool.eduPhDPhenomenology and Existentialism, Marxism and Critical Theory, with secondary interests in Philosophy of Language/History 
      SamuelYelton yelts623@newschool.eduPhDAncient Philosophy, Aesthetics, Political Philosophy
       younm207@newschool.eduPhDPhilosophy of Literature, Feminist Philosophy, Philosophy of Race, Contemporary Pragmatism, Critical Theory 

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