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  • Campus Status

  • As of June 9, 2021, the following COVID-19 measures are in place in France:

    • Curfew at 11 p.m. (until June 20, 2021, when curfew is lifted)

    • Reopening of indoor cafes and restaurants

    • Reopening of sports halls and swimming pools

    • Reopening of travel between France and foreign countries in accordance with procedures that vary depending on the health situation in other countries and the vaccination of travelers

    In addition, as of June 15, people who are 12 or older are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. 

    Detailed information about the latest confinement measures can be found on the French government’s website, where all rules and regulations are explained. Please continue to check back regularly for updates regarding restrictions and guidelines.

    We recommend that all students planning to travel to France contact their travel provider/airline for confirmation of flight and travel to France. We also advise students to contact their local French consulate for updated travel guidance. 

    More information about exemptions for entering France, including those for international students holding a long-stay visa for studies and housing, can be found on the French Ministry of Interior website (homeland security). 

    We strongly urge you to continue to follow all sanitary measures that have been put in place. If you experience any symptoms related to COVID-19 or that look like possible manifestations of COVID-19, you should remain at home and inform your faculty and Student Success. 

    We continue to monitor new developments related to the pandemic and will keep you updated on important changes to our policies and procedures. 

    Please find below several key points of information for students during this time.

    Travel to and from France

    Rules for entering and leaving France depend on the traveler's country of origin or destination, reason for travel, and vaccination status. Please refer to the French government's FAQs for foreign nationals to find detailed information.  

    Access to Campus

    We look forward to the prospect of being together again on campus in fall 2021. Unlike the New York City campus, Parsons Paris does not require vaccination to return to campus; it is, however, strongly encouraged for new and returning students, faculty, and staff. 

    Students should continue to email Arnaud Hedin to book campus spaces and/or access specialized equipment outside of class time.

    June 2021 Building Hours

    The St. Roch campus is open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekdays and closed on the weekends in June.

    Note: Students must be packed up and ready to leave 15 minutes before the posted closing time.

    The Romainville campus is currently closed and will reopen in August.

    Commuting During Curfew

    Any student commuting for school-related reasons after curfew should complete and carry the attestation certificate for their return home with their photo ID. An electronic version of the attestation is also available here. We recommend that you always have your student ID on you along with this certificate.

    Check the first box when traveling from campus: 1. Déplacements entre le domicile et le lieu d’exercice de l’activité professionnelle ou le lieu d’enseignement et de formation, déplacements professionnels ne pouvant être différés.

    Academic Calendar

    Please consult the 2020-2021 academic calendar to keep track of important dates and deadlines.

    Detailed information about the current sanitary situation can be found on the French government’s website, where all rules and regulations are explained. Please continue to check for updates regarding restrictions and guidelines.

    For more information about the school’s COVID-19 planning, or if you have questions, please contact the coordinator from your unit:

    I. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    As of June 17, 2021, face masks are not required outdoors except in certain circumstances, such as stadiums and crowded areas; face masks remain mandatory in indoor spaces. 

    All persons entering Parsons Paris buildings are required to wear a cloth-based face covering or surgical mask. Face coverings are required whenever students, employees, and visitors are present at Parsons Paris and must remain on at all times except when individuals are consuming food or beverages, in which case a two-meter distance must be maintained.

    The security guard will enforce the wearing of masks by those entering the building. Parsons Paris will maintain a stock of masks for our community.

    II. Building Circulation Flow

    The security guard station will be installed in the 45, rue St. Roch building foyer. Only one person at a time is permitted to enter the building, and people should queue up on the sidewalk leaving at least one meter distance. The guard will make sure that everyone who enters is wearing a mask and will refuse entry to those who are not. Outside of class time, including in front of the building, gatherings are limited to six individuals and a distance of two meters must be maintained. The security guard will enforce the required distancing. 

    A free-standing hand sanitizer dispenser is located at the entry, and everyone is expected to disinfect their hands or to use their own personal disinfectant gel. The following measures have been put into place to ensure everyone’s safety:

    a) Disinfecting the building: The building and work spaces are cleaned at least twice a day. In addition, disinfectant products will be put at the disposal of all building users. The cleaning crew has been instructed to open windows every morning when cleaning. In addition, we ask that faculty open windows every hour throughout their class time to increase air circulation.

    b) Elevator: Elevator use is limited to four people at a time. Use of the elevator is prioritized for those not capable of taking the stairs.

    c) Hand sanitizer dispensers: Two dispensers have been placed per floor on either side of the stairs. It is strongly recommended that all members of our community disinfect their hands before and after going into the classroom. Disinfectant supplies will be placed in every classroom, and you should disinfect the seat and table space before you sit down.

    d) Tech Lab: Disinfectant wipes are available, and you must disinfect the keyboard before you use it. The stations have been separated to respect the one-meter-distance requirement.

    e) Toilets: A disinfectant product will be placed in each toilet; you are expected to wipe the toilet seat and sink before and after use.

    III. Monitoring Symptoms

    Any individual displaying symptoms related to COVID-19 or that look like possible manifestations of COVID-19 should remain at home. If you start to display symptoms while you are on campus, please alert the security guard and return home. We have requested that the security guard notify Student Success.

    If one positive case of COVID-19 is confirmed, the class will be moved online for seven days.

    Students showing symptoms should get tested and inform Student Success of the results. Faculty and staff showing symptoms should get tested and inform Loren Ringer of the results.

    Individuals with a positive PCR test must self-isolate for ten days; in the case of a COVID-19 variant, individuals must self-isolate for ten days and present a negative PCR test to come out of self-isolation.

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